About us

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Veszprém was established on 28th of October 1994. The organization works for the interests of micro, small and medium enterprises, companies and all economic actors in Veszprém County in order to enhance economic development, innovation capacity and vocational education system of the region.


The region

Veszprém County is located in Northwest Hungary, in the Central-Transdanubian Region. It covers the Bakony hills and the northern shore of Lake Balaton. Its capital city is Veszprém.

The economy of Veszprém County is affected by the processing, building, wood, food and service industry (tourism). The main sections of the processing industry in Veszprém County are the production of machine, vehicle and chemical components. In these sectors more well-known international companies work (e.g. Adient, Continental, Valeo) and about 80 percent of their products gets to exportation.

The Balaton - the largest lake in Central-Europe - is one of Hungary’s most popular touristic destinations. From the nine wine regions of Hungary four are located in Veszprém County.



In Hungary the chambers of commerce and industry compose a national network which has local organizations with legal personality in each county. The chambers have extensive professional relations which are really advantageous for the enterprises. The Chamber of Veszprém has about 1000 members from the industrial, commerce, tourist and handicraft sectors of the county. The members give approximately 70% of the regional revenue. The membership is voluntarily since 2000, but the registration of entrepreneurs and companies is compulsory since 2011.


Organizational structure

  • Secretary General (Managing director)
  • Secretariat
  • Office of Economic Development
  • Office of Vocational Education
  • Accounting Department
  • Body of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Europe Direct Information Centre